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What is Divine?

Divine Poly Pack is India’s fastest growing manufacturer, supplier & exporter of LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene), HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) liner bag. As per our convention, we are currently manufacturing approx 11% of India’s total consumption of liner in packing sugar-sacks. In addition to that, we are enough efficient to produce wide variety of liners depending upon size, color, guage, strength etc at most competitive market prices. Our wide range of packaging solutions offer a great deal of applications in packing of edible products like butter, other dairy products, vegetables, speices & condiments and bulk drugs, hazardous chemicals & fertilizers. Divine is one of the few manufacturer of Medical waste bags, garbage bags & UV proof tarpaulin sheets. We are renowned supplier of PP Woven sacks/bags with/without lamination.

We are also specialized in manufacturing export quality of FILLER & Color masterbatches.

About Us

Who we are?

Divine is prominent & pioneer manufacturer of liner in north Gujarat province since 2008, having experience in this field for past 20 years. Initially started with production capacity of 1 MT/month now annual production is about 4000MT/annum of only liners for sugar-sacks. World class machinery equipped with modern accessories, team of dedicated employees both production & managerial levels, team of packaging experts, trust of valuable customers, efficient suppliers and last but not least vision & dedication of our founder NAVIN PATEL are the pillars of our brilliant progress. As time lapses Divine is engaged in setting new benchmarks inspired by our own mistakes and continuously rectifying our flaws & strategical errors simultaneously adopting latest technologies & ideologies but at same time firm on our company’s ethics. That is why we are distinguishable!

Divine has consistently broaden its horizons in the field of packaging and gained expertise in producing liners thickness ranging from 20 micron to 200 micron with width range of 16 inch to 35 inch & colors as per end application of products. We also capable to supply 50000 PP woven sacks/bags per day with 3 color excellent printability.


At Divine we believe that “Overall community development is key to self- development.” To accomplish this we are committed to provide excellent quality products, innovative packaging solutions, unconditionable customer support, a team of charismatic professionals & hardworking workers.


There is where the crystal ball normally comes out and lofty predictions are made. At Divine, however, the future is not what the company is going to do. The future at Divine involves that the company is already doing that will bear fruition at a later date. In other words “the future has already begun”. we continuously endeavor to set optimum level of Transparency & Equality where every person connected to Divine feels utmost divinity.

Why Only Divine?

  • Excellent quality products at most reasonable market prices.

  • Superfast logistic support all over India & World.

  • Transparent Accountability.

  • Products packed in clean, durable, easy to handle parcels which can withstand any transportation hassle.


Our Business

Sugar Liner bags
UV proof Tarpaulin sheets
Filler & Color Masterbatches
LDPE/HDPE liner bags
Medical- waste bags
Garbage bags

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